• Wire Hole Grommet
    Wire Hole Grommet
    Rubber Wire Hole Grommet also called as electrical cable grommet,electrical wire grommet and wire sealing grommet,which protect against abrasion damage when wires, tubes, and other objects are inserted through holes in metal, plastic, or other hard materi


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  • PVC Free Foam Board for Screen Printing
    PVC Free Foam Board for Screen Printing
    Applications: 1, exhibition desk, Shelve in supermarket; 2, Advertisement Board and sign board.; 3, Architectural decoration and upholstery; 4, Printing,Engraving,Furniture,Bathroom cabinet; 5, decoration for partition wall and shopwindows. Features: good


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  • 2mm PVC Sheet
    2mm PVC Sheet
    Introduction: 2mm pvc sheet is ideally suitable for lettering, caving, engraving for outdoor and indoor decoration, with the feature of fine-celled foam structure, easy to work, can be processed in sawing, nailing, drilling, painting, gluing, routing. Fea


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